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Healthy Green Lentil Soup from Gujarat by Celebrity Chef Harpal SIngh Sokhi

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It’s hard to go wrong with bite-sized cheese balls as an appetizer for your next party. shows you a variation on Pete Schweddy’s recipe for Cheese Balls, otherwise known as Schweddy Balls.

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TV Food Personality and Cookbook author Jacqui Malouf discusses healthy cooking and eating tips.

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Erin makes North African chicken fold-overs for the Good Housekeeping Magazine Eat Your Heart Out Healthy Cooking Contest.

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Plenti Grand Cafe’

Plenti Grand Cafe’ & Catering is a full service cafe and premium off premise cater that specializes in unusual and creative bistro style sandwiches, feature six types of chicken salad daily along with homemade signature side salads, soups, entrees and sweet cravings There are 3 ways to reach us Email us at Call us at 215-674-8884 Fax your order to 215-674-9497 301 Horsham road Horsham pa 19044 215 674 8884 All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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More recipes at

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Shana Paratha - Pizza.m4v

Love pizza….. Shana Pizza is so simple to make and tastes amazing

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Shana Paratha - Banoffee.m4v

Love Banoffee, look no further Shana Banoffee takes minutes to make and tastes truly different. More authentic than a pie

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Shana Paratha - Feta Salad.m4v

Feta Paratha Salad Bowl, so simple and will impress anyone

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